Managing Director's Speech

A Session with the MD

I see a very bright future in coming years. The major thrust is anticipated to come from the manufacturing Sector in India. Due to our self-reliant approach, mitigating impediments would not be a major concern. The existing Ferro Alloys operations continue to move up the value chain and target the high-end applications like noble alloys. It's our vision to be a manufacturer for every range of Ferro Alloys that would play a pivotal growth, & we are sure to achieve this well by 2020.

What changes, in your opinion, has happened in the global steel market over the past years?

The world steel industry has undergone some dramatic changes over the recent past. After experiencing a sharp downturn in demand starting in 1998, the world crude steel production peaked at 1.60 billion tons in 2013. This, along with other factors, is creating favors for steel producers that have advantages such as being in close proximity to raw material deposits & markets. Because of our captive raw material supply, Krishnaping Group would be a key beneficiary.

How Krishnaping Group plans to capitalize upon current market opportunities?

Krishnaping Group is poised to capitalize on the growing market opportunities with its technological advantage and the praposed integrated Ferro Alloy Plants in Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh.

How do you see Krishnaping Group's performance after commissioning of the fully integrated Madhya Pradesh project?

On completion of Madhya Pradesh plant will be one of the biggest Ferro Alloys Producing Company in the Region. The captive power plant will add heavily to our bottom line there by expanding our Margins.