Board of Directors

Mr. Sanjeev Khandelwal

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Sanjeev Khandelwal is a graduate from Mumbai University. He joined his father’s business at a young age of eighteen years and brought about multifold increase in turnover within four years. He started manufacturing of various Ferro Alloys under the family owned company.

Taking the backward integration route, the company acquired mines of manganese ore on lease from government. Since then the major concentration of the company has been in minerals exploration and trading particularly in Manganese, Iron Ore, Coke, Dolomite & Limestone. The company is now having commercial interest in all the mineral rich states in India, viz. Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Goa and Karnataka, supplying ores to Ferro Alloys manufacturers and steel mills. Up gradation of technology has taken the company to current heights and is now looking to becoming a major player in iron ore. It also is venturing into diversified segments of pelletisation and erection of power plant.

Mr. Ajay R Khandelwal


Mr. Ajay R Khandelwal is one entrepreneur, who started venturing into trading activities even during his graduation period. Born in a very humble family, he grew up in Nagpur and completed his Graduation and Business Management diploma in the year 1988.

Since then and now, there has been a herculean change in him where growth and change are coming at a rapid pace for this leader as he moves and adapts to the enormous opportunities of the 21st Century minerals and ores market place.

As he takes the products to the next level of industrial value, he is also broadening the strong core business of excavation and mining to include a wide array of new products and new categories along with bringing in several value added products in the Ferro Alloys segment, there by complementing the production and distribution businesses.

Mrs. Manju Ramesh Khandelwal


Mrs. Manju R. Khandelwal, post graduate in Arts, MA in Economics, helped her husband, late Mr. Ramesh Khandelwal in all business activities and was involved in all important business decisions. She is a house wife with a difference, the women of today having a nose for hunting new business pastures, she is well read personality who keeps tabs on latest developments and the pulse of the market. She is ever ready to inculcate new developments and technology to keep her ahead in business, so as to be noted with respect by the business fraternity. She is a source of inspiration for her son Mr. Sanjeev Khandelwal in particular and the whole organization in general.

Mr. Samridh Khandelwal

Executive Director

Mr. Samridh Khandelwal is a Management graduate from London School of Economics. After completing his graduation, he got himself involved actively in the group displaying enormous potential and bringing in state of art techniques and good practices. His presence instills a sense of belonging in employees and motivates them to perform to their potential and in the best interests of the group.